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Zero waste

Turn waste into resources

Circular economy

Raw material
for new products

The leather tanning process generates by-products that can be repurposed and managed for reuse by various sectors, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.

By processing flesh and split leather, glues, collagen, gelatin, and protein hydrolysates can be produced, mainly for the food and pharmaceutical industries, but also for cosmetics and photography.

The Leather Cluster Barcelona is currently leading a global project called Re-Genera, aimed at optimizing the recovery of by-products and waste from the entire leather industry value chain.

Economia circular - leather cluster - biodiesel

This project employs innovative technology to transform these by-products and organic resources from the tanning process into high-value products such as amino acids, used as biostimulants for organic farming, and oils for various applications. Re-Genera represents a commitment to excellence in recovery and sustainability.